All the places we’ll go – clean cars, trucks, buses, and jobs!

America loves to drive. Our car-loving culture and transit-driven economy comes at a price beyond what we spend on vehicles and the gas that powers them. The American Jobs Plan proposes expanding availability and access to energy efficient transportation by investing in a strong domestic supply chain for EVs and parts, growing the market for EVs, building a national network of charging infrastructure, creating an equitable and modern public transit system, and reconnecting communities that were purposefully divided by highway projects. […]

Pursuing more equity in energy efficiency programs in the Southeast

SEEA’s approach to realizing a more efficient Southeast has grown in depth and reach in the eight years I’ve been with the organization. Our work increasingly spans a broad range of topics that are tied together by the aspiration for all people in the Southeast live and work in healthy and resilient buildings, utilize clean and affordable transportation, and thrive in a robust and equitable economy. […]

American Jobs Plan Offers a Bright Future for All

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ATLANTA, GA – On Wednesday, March 31, President Biden announced the American Jobs Plan which proposes large-scale projects that promise to increase electric vehicle fleets, expand vehicle charging infrastructure, improve public transit, modernize the electrical grid, build energy efficient and affordable homes, make public buildings healthier, and provide good jobs in clean energy. “It is […]

COVID-19 Resources

 Claudette Ayanaba Our new COVID-19 Resources allows for more relevant and more frequent updates. You can access the original, archived resource page at any time. We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Contact us anytime at [email protected] Highlights The U.S. lost over 429,000 clean energy jobs from March to December, finishing 2020 with the fewest number of workers in […]

2020 Elections Highlights

Emmeline Luck Elections & Energy Efficiency Policymakers shape energy efficiency in a variety of ways. State legislatures assign the powers and jurisdiction of public service commissions (PSCs), the state agencies that regulate investor-owned utilities. PSCs regulate the rates and services of utilities operating in their states while balancing the interests of the utility, its customers, […]