2020 Elections Highlights

Emmeline Luck Elections & Energy Efficiency Policymakers shape energy efficiency in a variety of ways. State legislatures assign the powers and jurisdiction of public service commissions (PSCs), the state agencies that regulate investor-owned utilities. PSCs regulate the rates and services of utilities operating in their states while balancing the interests of the utility, its customers, […]

COVID-19 Resources

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Claudette Ayanaba This month, we moved our COVID-19 Resources to a new format to allow for more relevant and more frequent updates. You can access the original, archived resource page at any time. We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Contact us anytime at [email protected] October 2020 Southeast Job Losses and Gains, March – September 2020 […]

Shattering the stories we tell ourselves

 John Silkey As a white man who considers himself a Black Lives Matter ally, I find myself confronting hard truths this week. Too often my support has looked like, “But what can I do? What is the right action? What will be most helpful?” I used perfection as a defense against actually stepping forward. I […]

SEEArth Day 2020

SEEA Staff Last year, SEEA began a new tradition to honor our planet – SEEArth Day. We use this day to encourage more eco-friendly habits through some friendly competition and to share resources and ideas. Emme and Maggie organized the event, split the staff into teams, and created a sustainability scavenger hunt for the week […]

Wacky Wednesday

Mandy Mahoney Where are we? What is going on? Why is there a piece of bacon hitting a baseball? Today my son’s kindergarten class is hosting a virtual Wacky Wednesday. He decided to wear his Macon Bacon t-shirt because a piece of bacon playing baseball is pretty wacky. The Macon Bacon is part of the […]