SEEA Members represent a respected network of energy stakeholders who are committed to economic prosperity through new business approaches, better technologies, market-proven products and smarter ways of maximizing energy productivity across the region.

Ready to learn what SEEA Membership can do for you? Take a look at the SEEA Membership Brochure and the Member Benefits Card.

For questions about SEEA Membership, contact SEEA Membership Manager Pamela Fann.

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SEEA Member Benefits

As a valued participant in the SEEA Member Network, you will
benefit from:

  • Access to energy efficiency news, briefings, reports, resources and business opportunities;
  • A one-on-one briefing with SEEA Work Area experts in Energy Efficiency Policy, the Built Environment, Energy Efficient Transportation and Energy Efficiency Finance;
  • Public recognition of member support on SEEA’s website and social media platforms;
  • The opportunity to nominate or serve as a SEEA Board or Advisory Committee Member;
  • Access to educational programs like the Building Operator’s Certificate program;
  • Opportunities to participate in SEEA events, workshops, convenings and the annual SEEA Conference as a speaker, sponsor or adviser;
  • Access to valuable business contacts from across the region and the U.S.;
  • Access to a team of speakers for your Town Hall or event;
  • The opportunity to claim a corporate tax deduction for your SEEA membership.

SEEA Members Include:

  • Utilities: Investor-Owned, Municipal and Cooperatives
  • Energy Service Companies (ESCOs)
  • Manufacturers and Retailers
  • Contractors
  • State Energy Offices
  • State and Local Government
  • Academic and Research Institutions
  • Consultants
  • Community and Nonprofit Organizations