Buildings are some of the biggest consumers of energy in the United States. The Southeast has some of the nation’s highest energy bills, while having some of the lowest rates, leaving over 33% of Southerners grappling with energy insecurity. Optimizing the use of energy within the built environment through energy efficiency measures not only improves the performance of our homes and workplaces, it also reduces energy bills and provides comfortable, healthy indoor environments where we can work, live, and play. 

SEEA provides technical assistance, education, and resources that inform business leaders, policymakers, and building occupants about their use of energy and the impact that improved energy efficiency can have on day-to-day life. Working with a range of stakeholders across the Southeast, SEEA has conducted evidence-based research and developed programs to assist those making decisions about the built environment on issues that include: 

  • Residential and commercial building energy code adoption and compliance 
  • Residential and commercial building energy code education 
  • Program design for advanced building technologies 
  • Regional trends in the built environment sector 
  • How to make buildings healthier and safer for occupants 
  • Improving energy affordability and access 

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