Energy Efficient Transportation


Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance Welcomes Transportation Expert Anne Blair
SEEA introduces a new organizational focus on Energy Efficient Transportation

Atlanta, GA
July 31st, 2018

Recognizing the region’s future will include innovative new energy and multimodal transportation systems, SEEA is pleased to announce that Anne Blair has joined the organization as its first-ever director of Energy Efficient Transportation. In this role, Anne will be responsible for working with SEEA’s utility, public service commission, business and legislative partners to develop policies and programs that can help to integrate and deploy modern, efficient transportation systems throughout the Southeast.

“With the growth of technology and expanding transportation needs across the region and the country, we believe that energy efficient transportation represents a significant economic opportunity. We recognize it will positively affect the ongoing modernization of our grid, the evolution of our utilities’ business models, the development within our cities and the expansion of our auto manufacturing base,” said SEEA President Mandy Mahoney. “SEEA is thrilled to have Anne join us to provide her unique and extensive transportation expertise and collaborative leadership skills to this important SEEA initiative.”

Energy Efficient Transportation, which includes access to a range of options that are affordable, varied and flexible for all citizens, represents an extension of SEEA’s vision of a prosperous, healthy and sustainable Southeast. It implies the efficient use of energy to power a robust, extensive and equitable transportation network.

“Transportation is changing quickly and the southeastern states are well positioned to lead by taking innovative and visionary approaches to policy, programs and infrastructure development,” explains Anne Blair. “Recognizing SEEA’s reputation as a trusted source in the region, I am honored and delighted to be part of the effort to work with our southeastern states and partners to successfully navigate this compelling opportunity.”

Anne comes to SEEA from our valued partner, the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, where she served as the clean fuels director and Georgia state affairs liaison and also worked on numerous other transportation initiatives over the past fifteen years. She has also worked for The Coca-Cola Company, The Fund for Public Interest Research, Americorps and the River Network, and serves on multiple boards including, currently, the EV Club of the South, Mothers and Others for Clean Air and EarthShare of Georgia. Anne holds a B.A. in biology and economics from Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, and a Master’s in Environmental Law and Policy from the Vermont Law School.