The Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance is committed to creating opportunities for diversity, inclusion, and integration across race, gender, age, religion, identity, and experience to generate more equitable outcomes for all.
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Addressing diversity is often referred to as a journey, and every journey starts at home. Since the murder of Ahmaud Arbery, we have held a series of conversations with our staff and board to provide opportunities to reflect, understand our feelings, and listen to each other in a safe environment.

We are equally committed to supporting our members, our partners, and the communities we serve in order to nurture a culture of change. In the coming months, SEEA will be exploring new ways to support diversity, inclusion, and integration among our member organizations as we work together to find our way forward.

If you would like to emulate this practice at your organization, we have provided a conversation template for you to use. We have also provided a list of educational resources to aid in the work of addressing racism. SEEA used the resources and training at the Diversity Training University International to inform our work.

This page will be updated with additional resources and information as we learn more. If you have a correction or suggestions, please contact, Pamela Fann, director of membership and diversity integration.

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SEEA Resources

Our Diversity, Inclusion, and Integration Journey Webinar

Caring Conversations Template

DTUI Organizational Inclusion Assessment ToolKit

DTUI Cultural Diversity Course


For Adults

For Children & Young Adults

Additional Resources

Support Black-Owned Businesses