SEEA Events

seea events

Throughout the year, SEEA convenes and hosts various events, including webinars, workshops, discussion forums, panels, breakfasts and break-out sessions at key industry conferences. The following are descriptions of SEEA’s events. In addition, please visit the website Energy Meetings for energy efficiency-related events across the U.S.



SEEA Events Calendar

2018 SEEA Webinar Series

Southeast Energy Efficiency Fund RFP

2018 Member Networking Series

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2018 Annual Conference

2018 Annual Conference
October 22nd – 24th, 2018
Atlanta, GA



SEEA Webinar Series

Multiple times a year, SEEA hosts thirty-minute and one-hour webinars on current energy-efficiency-related themes, trends, research and advances. These webinars, developed for the benefit of SEEA Members, are conducted by SEEA staff as well as by experts from other organizations, and offer up-to-date information and opportunities to explore a range of audience questions.


SEEA Member Networking Series

Offered a few times a year to both SEEA Members and stakeholders, the SEEA Member Networking Series convenes thought leaders for the purpose of exploring a specific energy-efficiency-related topic, often in a panel discussion format. These gatherings attract decision-makers and industry representatives from the private, education and government sectors, and offer excellent networking opportunities as well as delicious food.

The SEEA Conference

Each fall, SEEA hosts a two-day conference that attracts ~300 industry experts, energy efficiency practitioners and thought leaders from across the utility and business sectors, as well as from governments, nonprofits and universities. The 2018 SEEA Conference is scheduled for October 22nd – 24th in Atlanta, Georgia.