Energy Codes Success Manuals

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As part of our energy codes initiative, SEEA has partnered with Advanced Energy, an engineering services firm based in North Carolina, to develop comprehensive training resource materials for builders and code officials. These resources include energy code checklists, code references, pictures of good and bad installations, information sheets on common problem areas, and applicable IRC references broken out by trades or by inspection codes.


We make the following materials available at cost:

  • Success with 2009 IECC
  • Success with 2009 IECC for South Carolina
  • Success with 2009 IECC for Georgia
  • Success with the Alabama Energy Code
  • Success with 2012 IECC
  • Success with 2012 IECC for Code Officials
  • Success with the Florida Energy Code

SEEA’s full suite of Success manuals is available for purchase at  the SEEA Marketplace.

Success with Energy Codes Online Portal

SEEA is pleased to announce that we have officially launched our Success with Energy Codes online portal. At the request of stakeholders and building off of the momentum of the Success curricula across the region, this microsite provides access to a spectrum of checklists, technical tips and other energy codes resources tailored to the Southeast, available for free. Check it out!