Building Energy Codes

SEEA’s energy codes program is a unique regional resource that serves as a “one-stop-shop” for information about code adoption, implementation and compliance efforts.

About SEEA’s Work in Energy Codes

Beginning early in the energy codes adoption process, SEEA works closely with state energy offices, municipalities, industry groups, utilities and other key stakeholders to provide technical assistance; to ensure best practices are followed; and to foster increased coordination between involved parties. Following the adoption of new code standards, SEEA coordinates trainings and related compliance efforts for builders, code officials, architects and other affected parties. Over the past year, SEEA has held nearly 20 training workshops ranging from one-day energy code overviews to multi-day train-the-trainer programs. As an extension of these efforts, SEEA also provides technical assistance to states and localities that are assessing benchmarking and disclosure mandates, building energy rating and labeling, and other related policies.


Energy Code Status by State

Interested in knowing the current residential and commercial building energy code for  each southeastern state? Curious about how often codes get adopted? Or how your organization can get involved in upcoming codes hearings and other opportunities? View SEEA’s regional energy code status chart to find out more about energy code adoption and implementation in the Southeast.


Residential Energy Code Field Study in the Southeast

The Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance (SEEA), in partnership with Advanced Energy  and Southface Energy Institute, will deploy innovative resources and programming to decrease energy usage for residential construction in Arkansas and Georgia.

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Energy Codes “Success” Program

State-specific Manuals, Tech Tips and Checklists

As part of SEEA’s energy codes initiative, we have partnered with Advanced Energy, an engineering services firm based in North Carolina, to develop comprehensive Energy Codes Success Manuals as training resource materials for builders and code officials.

These manuals, and the new website, “Success for Builders and Code Officials” offer help to builders, code officials and tradespeople who seek to understand and meet energy code requirements. State-specific checklists and tech tips simplify and explain the code requirements that affect the majority of new homes constructed, and these are available for no charge at the website,  “Success for Builders and Code Officials.”

Together, these resources include energy code checklists, code references, pictures of good and bad installations, information sheets on common problem areas and applicable IRC references. This information is broken out by trades and also by inspection codes.

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Regional Trends and Analysis

Curious about the ways in which residential and commercial building energy codes impact construction activity in the Southeast? View SEEA’s white papers and data reviews to learn more about construction starts in your state and across the region.