Maggie Kelley Riggins

Maggie Kelley Riggins serves as SEEA’s built environment project manager and has held this position since 2019. She has devoted her career to developing innovative approaches to solving gnarly climate and energy problems in the South. Maggie is laying the landscape for equity through climate and workforce in energy efficiency. She manages SEEA’s energy efficient building code portfolio and the building-oriented pilot project models for local governments to increase energy efficiency as a solution for residential, commercial, and municipal buildings. Maggie believes that we need to understand the “why” behind building efficiency in order to bring it to the widest group possible.

Maggie’s work allows her to build coalitions, convene non-traditional stakeholders, and manage teams to design solution sets and pathways to action that are future thinking while maintaining feasibility. She has a keen ability to bring people together who are committed to changing the lives of others through pursuing equitable solutions in climate, energy, and housing spaces. Maggie is a life-long learner and her love for people is what wakes her up in the morning

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