Linda Elder

Linda serves as SEEA’s Accountant, and has held this job since August 2018. In her role, she manages the finances of the organization by creating financial transactions, generating relevant reports, and ensuring compliance with relevant financial requirements and regulations. She also collaborates and communicates with employees, vendors, and funders to ensure accuracy and completeness of financial information. Previously, Linda was the Business Manager at a charter school in Decatur, GA and the Senior Grants and Contracts Administrator at The Salvation Army Southern Territorial Headquarters.

Linda has a Master’s in Public Administration, a BS in Public Administration and Policy and is also a Certified Grant Manager and HIPAA Master. She and her husband Tony are the proud grandparents of 19 grandchildren with 2 more currently expected.  They are also the owners of a 4 month old Pit Bull and Albino Doberman mixed puppy who they named “BRONzer” in honor of their hometown hero, LeBron James.