Aimee Skrzekut

Aimee Skrzekut joined the Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance as president in April 2021. An innovative leader serving nonprofits for more than 25 years, Aimee is passionate about energy efficiency for all.

Before joining SEEA, Aimee served as a management consultant specializing in strategic planning, fundraising, policy development, program design, and evaluation. She also designed energy efficiency program solutions for Hoosier Energy. Aimee served as Director of Programs at the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, where she first collaborated with national and regional partners like SEEA. Aimeeā€™s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion extends well beyond her work in energy, having led a national center at the American Bar Association.

Aimee currently volunteers as a Beneficial Electrification League collaborator with NRECA and NRDC. She has previously served as an AESP chapter president and HealthConnect One board member. She has supported fundraising efforts at nonprofits including HealthConnect One, Project Bona Fide and Teatro Vista.

Aimee received her B.A. and M.A. from the University of Illinois. She is an avid hiker, reader, and gourmand. She loves traveling with her family and looks forward to many walks throughout the Southeast with both new and old friends.

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